Arma3 Exile Rules


- Respect the Admins. Their word is final!

- If you have an issue with anything an admin has said or done, feel free to bring it up on the forums.

- They work hard and take time away from their gaming experience to help keep the servers running smooth   for you.

- Refusal to follow admin instructions can and will result in a ban.

- Do not bother admins with a situation you can fix yourself.

- Any decisions made by admins are done so at their discretion and to be respected.


- NO raiding of other players bases.

- Hacking, bug exploiting and scripting on our server is not tolerated,this will result in a instant and unappealable permanent ban.

- Duping items is not tolerated, this will result in a instant and unappealable permanent ban also.

- Combat logging is not tolerated.

- Abusive or racist behavior to ANYONE in the server will not be tolerated.

- Jokes are acceptible but don't go overboard.

- English only in side chat (with the exception of needing an admin we will try to translate if possible).

- Shooting into a safezone is not tolerated.

- Please be respectful of other players.

- No THEFT from dead players, other players missions, bases or unlocked vehicles this will result in a ban.

- No asking for stuff from admins (handouts, free stuff, TP’s, etc..) will result in a kick, warning or ban.


- Do not leave vehicles within 1km of major traders safe zones.

- These may be unlocked and or taken to junkyard after a restart.

- Vehicles sent to junkyard will stay there unti'll the player retrieves or 10 day deletion.

- No more than 2 air units and 3 land units are allowed per base for storage outside of the Virtual Garage.

- You can store vehicles in the Virtual Garage if you want more vehicles.

- Please remove items from your vehicle before placing in Virtual Garage.

- Any vehicles outside this limit will be deleted and or moved to junkyard if not sold or stored.

- Vehicles parked on Exile or EBM objects are done so AT YOUR OWN RISK!

- We will not refund vehicles for falling through objects, or blowing up on EBM/Exile objects.

- Vehicles will be deleted after 10 days if not used.

Base building:

- One flag per player. If you build a second one, ask for an admin to remove the correct one.

- Do not build on or so as to block roads.

- The base should not be on the road and vehicles should be able to pass under it if built over the road.

- Do not build in towns, near high loot areas such as office buildings, airport hangars or military installations.

- At least 5oom from player spawn points and 200m from towns.

- Flag poles block loot from spawning at these locations.

- At least 500m from other players base unless you have the consent to do so.

- Building in gas stations is allowed as long as all of other rules are adhered to and the gas pumps are accessible to helicopters and ground vehicles of other players.

- Bases will be deleted after 15 days if the flag payment is missed.

- We are not responsible if you wait till the last day to pay and your base despawns.

- If a base becomes a problem it may be deleted or altered at admin discretion.

Mission Rules:

- All missions MUST be claimed in Side Chat and Marked on map (in side).

- All missions MUST be claimed when the player is no further than 1.5 kilometers from the objective.

- Failure to meet these 3 requirments will result in forfeiture of the mission.

- If two players contest the same mission the decision is made by the player who claimed first in Side Chat.

- No more than 1 armed vehicle be it air or land is allowed on a single mission.

- Stealing from or refusing to leave another players mission will result in a ban.